United Partnership – Recycling/Green Committee

Keepin’ It Green!

Established in 2007, this task force is committed to making the Wauconda Area a greener community.   The members of this committee work on numerous projects including  gathering contact information for various recycling efforts in the community, and encouraging other organizations in the area to incorporate recycling programs into their regular routines – such as the Reuse-A-Shoe program, use of CFL light bulbs, and getting more recycling bins for around town.  The group would welcome more team members and would love to hear your suggestions on how to keep our town and our world greener!

Re-Use a Shoe – Click here for more info!

Donate your used shoes @ Your Library!

2017 School District 118 Re-use a Shoe Contest
We have a new winner –  Wauconda Grade School.  Wauconda Grade School takes over as the new champion after Robert Crown had won the 3 previous years. Just a couple of quick notes about this year’s contest;

The High School turned in 492 shoes on Friday setting the one day record!
Friday is the new record for shoes collected in one day, 1038!
This was a new record for the number or shoes collected during this contest, 2050 shoes!

Wauconda Grade School’s .75 shoes per student breaks last years record of .73 for Robert Crown School!

“I would like to thank everyone involved with this as without the whole team pitching in we never could get this done.  Special thanks goes out to Mark  Knigge who picked up all the shoes all week!”  – Chuck Black (Green Committee)

Click on this link to view the results of the contest:
2017 Re-use a Shoe Contest

Local Recycling Centers – click on this linke to see an updated list of who accepts what:

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