United Partnership for a Better Community

What is the United Partnership
for a Better Community?

The United Partnership for A Better Community was formed by a group of dedicated Wauconda community volunteers with the following mission statement: “To foster and coordinate partnerships designed to improve the quality of life in our communities”.

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital and the Wauconda Rotary Club were instrumental in forming the United Partnership for a Better Community in the fall of 2000. The Partnership has continued to thrive with additional volunteers and donations to support our ongoing efforts.  Some of the Partnership’s accomplishments in recent years include:

  • Started a Green Committee to gather and promote contact information for various recycling efforts in the community, and  encourage other organizations in the area to incorporate recycling programs into their regular routines
  • Started a Cultural Diversity Committee to identify needs of different groups and make sure they are aware of special services available to them.
  • Started a Substance Abuse and Prevention initiative to seek solutions and heighten awareness with respect to issues related to drug and alcohol abuse.
  • •Worked with the Wauconda Area Library to utilize a community information website: including a sub-site for the United Partnership (www.unitedpartnership.org) to provide web-based information pertaining to Partnership activities•

The United Partnership meets monthly (every 3rd Thursday) as from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  To attend a meeting, or for more information about the group or membership, please call President Mike Wahl at 847-526-3610 or email him at Wahl@waucondafire.org.

2017 Officers Mike Wahl (Wauconda Fire Dept.); Brad Fink (Village of Wauconda); Tom Kern (Wauconda Area Library); Mark Knigge (Wauconda Lion’s Club)

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